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Well... been clanless for about 3 months. The last clan I was in died and I really had no desire to join another clan after that. Been skilling mostly since then and of course pking. Once in a while ill mini with a random clan just for fun. Iv been dungeoneering past couple weeks and got max f2p warring gear and i wanna test out my new toys with a clan. So here we go... I have plently of pure clanning experience considering iv been clanning since 04. Iv been ranked in the majority of the clans I was in mostly warlord because of my warring abilitys I guess. Active at times but im also known for going inactive for weeks at a time. That should sum it up.. here are some screenshots.










(¯`·._.«¤:§:¥:‡~≈ Ḧẳżễĺňǖṫ ≈~‡:¥:§:¤»._.·´¯)
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E O P !


You already know what we're about, known for the minis which I know you did in VO, which brings me that the VO crew is in EOP.


Do great on trips, 65+ constant pulls on saturday.

Doing decent in P2p.


#clan-eop / www.eop-rs.com / EOP Rs - CC



*Proud To Be Warlord of The Eruption Of Pures

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It depends what you're looking for. In Carnage we try to balance F2p and P2p with preps, pk trips, minis, and so on, though I'll admit we're probably slightly more P2P than F2P but check us out if you're interested.


www.youtube.com/user/clancarnage for prep vids etc.

www.carnage-rs.org / #clan_Carnage If you'd like to get a feel for our community.


Good luck! :)

Proud Ex-Leader of Carnage

Proud Ex-Manager of TLP

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Intense Redemption.


We could use you as a Warlord.


Good luck with whatever clan you choose either way.

Wtf lol?


Anyway, remember The Convicted Oger? Back when we were going to merge with TPF, I think you were around at that time. So yeah, you know what we're capable of and how fun it is to be in IR, so give it a shot. :happy: If you have any questions or anything, ask in


#irclan or Http://rs-ir.com/forums.



I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

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hey oger its s t r 00wnz from tpf ily babe



Proud founder of Violent Demise
Proud Member of Intense Redemption
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Hey good luck with whatever clan you decide to join. Feel free to check out EOP if you like, doing work in F2P atm, and doing increasingly well in P2P lately aswell. All sorts of minis/preps in both servers daily/weekly, along with 3 major events on the weekends, we could use an experienced member like yourself. :cool:


I remember your name, I think you were in EOP at one point before actually lol I can't remember. Anyways, nice rounded stats you got there aswell, looks like a beastly pure in the process.


www.Eop-Rs.com or #Clan-Eop on IRC if your interested.


Good luck.

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Sorry, I didn't know you used him like that. I will not delve into your personal relationship that seems to be going on here.

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