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Is it me or...


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Does it seem like the hostility and hatred between clans has died down on PW.


Reading the topics of this week there is no flame and they just show clans having fun. For example TLP's ownage Aussie trips, Ch v FI f2p prep, IR's October.


I like this a lot, I know my clans guilty for flaming, each clan has their Bad arses but maybe the respect and "fun" is coming back?

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**** you..


dirty ******* ir scum go die irl or i will **** your first unborn child.


























i jk. Maybe people have realised the doctrine of...




so now we just have fun and kick back



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Its just "1" week it will all change after saturday

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Hmmm website B forms, Clans a and b leave website a and flaming dies down to a certain extent.


I know why the flaming has gone down! it's because epidemic died.

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lol @ people saying eop left, regardless its been a week.


Correct me if im wrong, but pure nation is up now right? go over their you will find your buddies :)


Btw hi KARL :D

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course its not flame, its the weekday stuff.


however, just wait for the weekend.


tell junior evo isnt leading.


see you this weekend =]

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What walli said

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