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Recruit me.

Cpt Jack

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After Pierz closed EL for whatever reason w/o consulting me, I'm clanless.







DT done. 74 combat.




- Clanning since 2005. I make HQ videos.



- Senior member of The Hatred

- Honored Member of Ascendency

- Leader of Elysium, Disturbed and Apathy


P.S - I am a combat bracelet (4) warrior.




I have Kickboxing twice a week and I'm getting a job soon, but I should be able to attend a reasonable amount of events per week.

R.I.P Zenith - Gone, but never forgotten.
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Come check out CP bro. We're really chill and love to f2p and recently stepping up in p2p. We could always use more vidders such as yourself. We literally have the best leader around =)






Corrupt Pures CrownLeader.gif[supreme Elder]
Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com
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check out tlp if your looking for a great p2p clan with a solid f2p game as well.






Not too fond of P2P, but I love your guys' name.

R.I.P Zenith - Gone, but never forgotten.
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Corrupt Pures.


Checked your clan history and all of them were mainly F2p based, same with Corrupt Pures. We got several F2p mini-wars, prep and bs trips a day. Don't get me wrong we actually do P2p events as you can see at Chaotics aftermaths thread. However, compared to the amount of F2p we do its hard to notice.


Corrupt Pures is improving as we speak and I want you to join us to make history and to make huge impact in the F2p server. We're the clan no one expect anything from yet we surprise everyone as last weekend were we beat EoP 2-0. Corrupt Pures is hitting a new peak and I want you to experience it.


We got a tight Community not like MM, FOE, EoP or TLP. We're a group of 40-50 hardcore members that keeps our activity rate high compared to ANY other pure clan. We're all open and welcoming, so its all down to you whatever if you want to get involved or not. As a new member you can talk and even call if you show the leader skills on ventrilo during mini-wars or even big prep wars. We don't mute our ventrilo very offend so it will be easy for you to get to know our community ;).


Please consider joining Corrupt Pures as we'll full-fill your hunger for F2p action and we'll provide a chilled community and a sexy forum. As well as tons of sexy members like Drunk, Charlie, `Peter, myself, Honey garlic, Chain and many more. Check us out or at least consider it.


Good luck finding a new clan ;).

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#War-rs Check us out.



"So count your money, ill count my friends, we will see who's richer in the end."


Proud Founder of We Are Royalty

Proud to have been Council of Enemy

Proud to have been Member of Fatality

Proud Council of Epidemic


I Bleed Teal


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