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Just a lil' Tuesday


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Our good pals MM were out again, and we set out on the hunt for a second consecutive day of loot. Not gonna make a big deal about the first fight, it was about 15v10, and we rushed them at the ca gap. They scattered and logged pretty much immediately, we probably only killed 3-4. We killed mains for about 30 minutes while they called a remass at w104, and 13th & toxic showed up to lead the brave muffins into battle.







Eruption of Pures vs Mayhem Makers


Eruption of Pures Starting: ~30


Mayhem Makers Starting: ~30


We heard MM had hopped at northeast steps and were waiting at corp. We sat in east trees and waited for their rush. They tried to push into us but we kept them out, and after Rob 1 man ko squad dropped their number, we got them scattered up to dwarves and west to corp, where we collected the last of our loot and banked =].


Eruption of Pures Ending: 21


Mayhem Makers Ending: 0




Eruption of Pures vs Mayhem Makers vs Corrupt Pures


Eruption of Pures Starting: ~25


Mayhem Makers Starting: ??


Corrupt Pures Starting: ??


We heard CP had massed up to come "clear MM & EoP", and we got a quick remass at bhb. We were heading up to hit MM at corp when CP rushed them from the other direction. Deciding we may as well have a fun lil cluster we charged from the east, pushing both clans into 1v1, probably only killing 5-6 people though :\


Eruption of Pures Ending: ~25


Mayhem Makers Ending: 1v1


Corrupt Pures Ending: 1v1




After this MM decided to end, so we did too, after having more fights than CP did on saturday. Thanks for the action again, and i encourage more clans to come out during the week. If you want a f2p pvp run in, pm one of our op's in irc, and we'll see what we can do ^_^.













Sick of no action during the week, or getting cleared by EoP?





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Hopefully this action can continue, and maybe even more clans will come out once the holidays start.


Thanks for the fights guys


ps: Rob #1

The few kids who come on their zerks to our trip either lost their pure or are old school and only get on for trips. These kids are in mith or addy...


>pure world

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Good stuff guys, I wasn't there but before anyone tries to act like a smart-ass or some idiot on this topic, just think before you do it because it makes you look absolutely retarded. >.>



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