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Pures arent dieing.


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Whenever i go pk i see 100+ pures. 90% of them clanless. And most of them pk in small groups. In saying that I believe Pure Warfare is over reacting to the new updates. Go out, pk, and recruit these clanless people to your clans. Theres loads of pures out there. There just not all apart of out community.


- Buky :blush:

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The problem with the updates isn't that there aren't enough pures... It's that JaGeX is creating even more advantages for players with defense. Advantages that now make the advantages of low defense basically obsolete.


Pures will still be able to compete with pures, but they might think twice before 1v1ing anyone with defense

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I'm really hoping this defense update screws over pures who have gotten 20+ defense and forces them to become a main or to make a new account. Honestly, this update sounds like it is going to screw over anyone who has lower defense, but is playing against those with high level armour on.


Defense pures, even with high attack, are going to be be dealing a low amount of damage at an inconsistent rate against armour that 'soaks'. How can a pure that relies on KO'ing a guy by hitting a couple of times in the high 30s going to be able to kill a guy in armour when any hit above 20 is going to be capped. Especially if the other person has enough potions/food to make up the easy damage dealt? If the 'soak' rate is even just 30%-50% of the damage at a rate of 100% of the time, P2P is going to be awful to PK in. If the 'soak' damage is not a fixed amount and its between 1% to X% (depending on the armour), and the rate at which it does soak is not '100%' and it either changes between 1%-X%, or even if it is fixed, it is still screwing pures with defense over.


Not only are you relying on a lucky sequence of hits, but now you have another system left up to chance. You have to score more high hits in a row in order to KO someone. If you hit below a certain threshold of damage, the opponent will just be able to eat/use items to heal. So all this 'soak' feature does is makes it harder for pures to 1) Dish out higher damage in order to KO, 2) You'll need a higher attack level to hit through the armours and soak, 3) You need to dish out higher damage in a row a lot more, or else you won't KO, 4) Because of your low defense, you're not going to be 'soaking' anything, you'll run out of food a lot faster than any mains do and you'll be entirely dependent on KOing opponents, you will run out of food/items by the time the main is at half food.


Against 1vs1 or 1-10 pures, the issue isn't really there.


Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this forces those who got defense to stop being annoying and make a new account, get defense or quit and then we'd see a resurgence of level 1-10s. This could be the lolupdate we need to make it impractical again to get defense of any kind and keep it pure-based.


A level 1 defense pure against a main is interesting to think about. In F2P it has always been a disadvantage unless you've used bind + range. Using melee against rune is laughable. So in F2P if the opponent is using rune, it should be the same way it is now with Range & Bind/Magic (because with rune, they'll still be weak to magic and their 'soak' shouldn't be as or effective at all, and if they take their armour off, good game to my rapid 18s). However, if they use green d'hide armour (or whatever armour is used these days in F2P), it pretty much screws the pure over, unless green d'hide doesn't soak a significant amount and it would make R2H/BAing them ezpz for high 20s//30.


P2P, I've always hated P2P, but yep. F2P should be feeling like the place to pk anyways.



I may be wrong about this as I do not know how the system works, how the rates of either the damage instake or rate that soak is active, how it will be implemented for popular pk armour, if other armour will be more feasible to use for some reason or if they release new items that don't require defense that break through the soak system.


Either way, Level 1 Defense Pures are still the best allday.


I mean, the only reason to get defense was for better items to use to pk with, against other pures. Hence, the mini-phase of black armour, hence initiate pures for prayer, and then things going all over the place with these elevated pures having to deal with mains, resulting in magic being used A LOT MORE (in combination with the release of ancients)...etc, leading to pures needing higher defense or to gtfo. So eventually you needed MORE defense in order to compete with mains on your combat level = 30-40 defense 'pures'.


Meanwhile, if they stayed at 1-5 defense, none of that would have been needed. Just my opinion on why defense pures became so popular. There's also others things like people accidentally hitting a 40-60 while training and getting defense exp, and having no real motivation to start over on their 1300-1500total level pure with three 99s, just getting 20 defense as a last resort (especially with no wildy to return to with a level 1), as well as many other factors, yet none of these levels in defense ever made it impractical to not get higher defense. While a long time ago it was impractical to have 2-39 defense. Now, there's reasons which make you stand on par with just basic rune armour at level 80, while dealing out crazy high hits. This updates takes this away from defense pures and is definitely a reason to not have 2-39 defense.


So we'll see.


Also, pures are borderline dead. You say 100 pures? I like to remember back to the days of W1, W3, W4, W11-15, W17, W32, & I think a world in the hundreds was used fequently, with having well over 400 pures in low level (1-10) at Edgeville, Varrock or top left monastry. I specifcally rememeber level 3s-40s dominating the entire Varrock wildy scene. Not just in the 1-3 area, but dozens of them, like a mini-W1 or W2 focused in on that area, up until level 5 or 6. It was packed.


I also remember the fun of it being half multi, and half single and doign 1vs1s there or just getting 2-3 guys and dragging the kids into multi, binding them and all trying to KO the guy.


Or the level 20 or level 30 crews of randomly grouped together people. The kids spamming 'Follow, level 20s, for Hills" being spammed dow nat the varrock church or at the bank. And then seeing this ridiculous amount of 70-140 opt turn outs for these kids in a matter of minutes. And then getting caught in a level 20 battle between these two (soemtimesthree) teams and lagging my screen hardcore at Hills, when a group of level 50 pures would come in and also cause me to lag even more.


I remember teams, NOT CLANS, dominating hills on W17/W32/W1/W3. Teams of 4-10 people, just running through those trees or at the lava curve. Teams besting CLANS because they knew how to hug the trees properly. I remember all of the worlds mentioned above having at least 2-4 teams per world, with 3-7 pure clans/teams roaming around at hills.


I remember teams also doing the exact same thing at Castle. Or brave level 60 pures taking on level 80s at Castle. Or luring kids into Castle. Or trying to hold down that Castle by having everyone stand in one dot behind the Castle doors, and then luring another team or individual onto the bridge, binding him and everyone running out and wrecking the crap out of them.


I remember asking my team: "RR or Ruins?", "Moss or Dawrves?", "Do you want to take on Team X, Team Z, Team N, Team U, Team R or Team T?" Having options. Having the ability to find random pure clans not mentioned on any pure forum and having a good run-in.


I remember being able to 1vs1, team or clan pk at any time of the day, with my team or with others or complete randoms.


Pures & mains & pking are borderline dead. '100 pures' is dead. Having even just 1000 pures on a single world is still dead. There was always more than at least 4k pures actively on doing something in the wildy. Whether they were level 20s or level 70s or inbetween.


And now I'm mad that I had to remember all of this and type it out.

Pure Annihilation!

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i agree with wcking

(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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The problem with the updates isn't that there aren't enough pures... It's that JaGeX is creating even more advantages for players with defense. Advantages that now make the advantages of low defense basically obsolete.


Pures will still be able to compete with pures, but they might think twice before 1v1ing anyone with defense

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I have no idea about P2P.


What in F2P pking has changed drastically since 2008? Has free to play 'gained' anything worthwhile to use in the wildy? I honestly don't know, so the rest of this post might be inaccurate.


In F2P you could get away with using melee until you hit the kids with rune at the 50s. Once you hit these guys, your melee could do crap, against anyone with 40+ defense, when you only have 40 attack. Thus, they either turn to Range or Magic. 99% go range or only pk against other pures in robes.


Range at 90+ eats through 40 defense & any rune armour like butter. Consistent 15s+. And this works all the way through up till level 80. At level 80, you shouldn't get there as a pure in F2P. A pure F2P pure should max out at 73 or 70. If they go higher, they're going to run into level 80s that have a lot more HP and their range isn't going to be that big of a deal on their 80ish hp.


My point is, unless something has happened to rune armour or something better than rune armour is usable in F2P pking, F2P pures should still be living quite comfortably. In my opinion P2P is what has taken a lot of damage from all of the updates, 'forcing' pures into 'getting' defense.


1vs1's in F2P should be a blast still. Group pvp in F2P...fails.



So I don't think it's a huge deal to 1vs1 someone in full rune at my cb level of 70. My range & prayer are going to tear them apart. If this 'soak' thing is 'useful', I'll just use magic and go back and forth and hybrid.


It still sucks to not have anyone to 1vs1 with consistently though.


Though then again, it is pretty hilarious to see someone in Mithril, pvping in F2P with their 20 defense, with like 75 range and 52 prayer, dealing 15s instead of 17s, and having no other combat type to switch to. It's an lol moment.

Pure Annihilation!

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The problem with the updates isn't that there aren't enough pures... It's that JaGeX is creating even more advantages for players with defense. Advantages that now make the advantages of low defense basically obsolete.


Pures will still be able to compete with pures, but they might think twice before 1v1ing anyone with defense

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