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So, do you regret it?

P0ke N Die

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No, met a lot of great people. Most things people do are a waste of time. But as long as you enjoy it, who cares?





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rofl why is a banana






Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with samurai swords.

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i live a life with zero regrets


everything happens for a reason

i wouldnt have met all of these amazing people if i hadnt done everything that i have.


- Ex @Overseer of Intense Redemption -
Proud Ex +Legend of Enemy
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my only regret is meeting willy.


dubble post but omg song in ur sig!!!

just listened to it when i was at the cinema!!! end of twilight!!!!

then i came home and listened to it omg!!!!

i luv u tyler!!!!!!

- Ex @Overseer of Intense Redemption -
Proud Ex +Legend of Enemy
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i regret playing as much as i used to but i had a great time clanning and met alot of great people

Proud Ex @Leader / Ex @Warlord Of Exiled Force
Stepped Down After 8 Months Of ******* **** Up
Retired From Pure Clanning `2006-2012
Sadly Came Back To RS
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One more time Chris.

Final Ownage Elite

Home of the Greatest. Legends of P2P





Azrael Warned on Feb 6 2012, 03:01 AM View Topic

Added to warn level: Did I just see a ***** made of adamant? I think so.

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I don't regret anything at all.

I made friends/second family, I gained emotions.

It's kinda interesting how the clanning gave addiction feelings in same time, when game was completly **** compered to anothers.

Great run.

Moving to Battle-scape and clanning only when I have free time.

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I quit a while ago due to the shape the community was in. But I don't regret this at all, the only thing I regret is letting Complete Domination close. I was young and idiotic in that clan, but I had the best times. The majority of us didn't judge or hate (except a few) and that's why we weren't limited to what we could do. If I had the chance and the same people around me, I would gladly reopen CD on 2006scape or Battlescape (preferably 2006scape because of f2p)


In this community, I learned how to look to the past, to help me for the future, I learned that the memories here will always be a part of my life. It's amazing actually. Think about it, 20 years down the road, when you have a wife and kids, you will always remember this small, tight knit community. All the battles, claims to fame, friendships, and rivalries, will be forever remembered. Each one of us will be traveling along different roads to life, but we will always remember. Hatred that we used to have for each other, would be totally gone by this time. Can you imagine a Pure-Warfare reunion 20 years down the road? Hopefully some of you keep in touch with each other, I no longer play RS and havn't been a part of this community for a while, but I still have a community and friends back at Battlescape. #Annihilation if you would like to continue your experience. Average player count used to be around 200, now it's at 600. GF scape!!! L0L!!!


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I believe the time you spend in this life is the only time you get. I try not to regret anything because there is no point, but I do wish I never got into this game and quit when my real life friends did.


I was one of those that got sucked into the bitterness. I kind of convinced myself it was "fun", but in hindsight I can now call into question the concept of what enjoyment really is, and it just wasn't.


Call it clanning or "playing for the clan", or whatever sad excuse you make for yourself, but its still wasting your time. You're still leeching off the planets resources, chasing a purposeless goal in a virtual world, or sitting on your ass arguing with people on some forum site over the most trivial matters.


I'm just lurking to see pures reactions to the EOC update thing out of amusement, I have no affiliation with this game or anyone who plays it any more. Real life is way better :)

ex DP Leader
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This will probably be my last post.


I quit runescape around 6 months ago.


Do I regret it? No.


Do I regret pure clanning? Hell no.


Some of the best times I've ever had, have been on runescape. Not because of the game, the game is ****. The only reason that I stayed so long is due to the friends I made. I think back to CPR v1. That, by far, has been the best experience while playing a video game, that I have ever had. Moving along, I joined WAR. I had some damn good friends there as well. I moved on to fatality after cpr closed again, and once again, I was with many friends. I'd sit on irc and talk more then I'd actually play this game.


The only thing I regret about pure clanning, is the downfall of our community. (which happened quite some time ago)


Clans forgot why we play this game. They took to ddossing/being faggots in general. Not pointing any fingers, but some clans were far, far worse then others. To be honest, it was not jagex that killed the game. It was the runescape community in general. The pure community has been dead for quite some time, and yes, this is finally the end. And, honestly, it is what we deserve. Some of you will stay. Most of you will go. I wish you all the best. I'd like to thank all of my friends for making this game somewhat enjoyable for me while I played. Good luck in life everyone.


Suicide out.

#team-suicide for life *****. Send me a priv message on here if u want to add me Facebook.


Do I regret spending countless hours on useless **** on rs? Yes


Do I regret making friends on rs? No


Do I regret clanning? Kinda




When I was 12-13 I was addicted to this ****. Damaged my social life And grades which still has a lasting effect today. Wish I would placed school and friends before rs but rs friends were nice to meet.

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no regrets and this saying goes even for a video game. it actually goes for everything but STDs and losing your virginity to a ******* ****.


i enjoyed my time on RS and i wouldn't trade it. i probably would have gotten into drugs at an early age, but at the time rs was my drug and i was completely satisfied with spending my time on it. im pretty sure we all played this game in excess but back then it was the ****...


i made some of my best friends (that i now know longer than some of my irl friends) on RS like karl n omni. it was fun while it lasted, but you have to know when to quit, and some people don't know that yet...eventually we will all be doing different things with our lives (somewhere down the road) and this will all be a memory.


thankfully i have some of you added on FB. the new youth always flows, the old linger until they whither away. and rs will take a giant **** in the days to come. /end


the important thing however, is that you keep these memories held, and that you don't take them for granted. and if you haven't learned anything from this game (or the people in it) then you should have quit when you first started tutorial 5-10 years ago lmfao


Proud Leader of The Golden Gods
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Anybody with a social life and friends will say they regret it.


Therefore, no..I do not regret it.




I would have never even stepped on this game if I wasn't a innocent 4th grade wog.


Coming at Full Force since February 1st, 2012.

Retired 6/28/14
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Its mitch his fault i regret ir ffs


But hell no i dont regret it i had a great time but well now real life is my priority i only go to trips when i have time. I have met awesome ppl !

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The topic was asking if you regret the action of joining your first pure clan, which led to everything after it (including the good and bad times). Not rly answering the question by saying you don't regret starting but do regret not quitting sooner.

Joined the Pure Community March 2006
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