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Inception Closes


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Inception, The beginning of a new era in the "Pure World". A Low Level Clan that the pure community has never came across before. We as equal members, have proved time and time again that we have amazing potential. Our potential and strive to reach not only to be the best Low Level Clan, but to have the best overall community out of all Low Level Clans. We mainly focus on our community, and not just our strength on the battlefield. Inception is known for their great warring ability and strong close-knit community and that is what we aim for. When we look at a new recruit, we only expect the best out of him/her, not the combat level or the loot, but the friendly, mature, and positive attitude. I rather have 20 Active loyal members, then have 50 members apply on our forums wanting to join. That is just who we are as people, loyal, Friendly, committed, and dependable.


- Loyal


- Friendly


- Committed


- Dependable


These were almost like our guidelines that we followed as clan members. It kept was going and going and not to loose out heads while we were in times of hardship which we faced lots of times throughout our 6 months of living.


Lets cut down to the main deal of the topic now,



How we began..


Look what we started out as.













Look what we turned into..























We had some great times. All of our members would not stop saying how they couldn't thank me enough for keeping Inception alive and pulling us through all of the hardships and slumps we got caught into. I truly wanted a successful, strong, close-knit Low Level community and that is just what I did. And I couldn't ever be any more proud to say that I am an Ex Founder/Leader of Inception. Our members are what made this clan and community so great and I couldn't thank you guys enough. And Im speaking to the ones that stayed with me till the very end.


Lil Pea


X Slave 420




and any others that I missed I'm sorry.


We have been up and running for almost 6 Months! We are known to be the oldest Low Level Pure Clan to date! we have been so successful that all the other clans competing with us either died, or shut down. We are all hero's, we proved that we can make it through any slump, any loss, anything! we can always make it through, and that is why we call ourselves Inception members!


We had an amazing run, We accomplished all of our goals as a Low Level Pure Clan. And I am just proud that we made it this far, I didn't really think we could do it, but it turns out that we did. This was by far my best pure clan I have ever led in all of my 6 years of playing runescape.


Thats pretty much it, thank you all of those that supported us. ;)

| Ex Moderator of PUREWARFARE |


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nooo :'( you guys were pro fun

Proud founder of Violent Demise
Proud Member of Intense Redemption
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Damn, you were a good clan when the original ranks were active. You were showing signs of becoming the new Infection, wrecking most clans around your level.


Goodluck to all the ex-members.

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R.I.P Inception, You did very successful.


May i like to wish all members who are finding their next clan all the best.


And May Inception be remembered.


I Miss you all muchly <3 bjiq7t.gif
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