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  1. You're right. 9 Months of Control and poor little P0ke couldn't do enough to be a successful clan :( While Hostility lived off of 4 man pulls on weekends before the EOC, feels bad man, you couldn't even outlast Hostility .. LOLOOOOOLLO Feels bad man. #IMDONE In this 9 months they pulled EVERY WEEKEND the triple of your pull. And won 95% of the preps against cp
  2. Hey dude one of my clan members had this going on aswell. You can't do **** basiclly besides using a different browser.
  3. Well its not about the feeling.But how rs got ****.
  4. bascilly you are going to bot it,if it doesn't get banned you are going to make it a pure.
  5. Tons of ddosing going on. Eop could of done better. Goodjob Fatality.
  6. dupe LOL, And it is mainly online for the americans.
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