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  1. So thats 3, i said we had 4 but, 3 is okay haf1a beat you second round with that gear :banana: :banana: :banana: Okay mr grade what is it.. 6?.. i really count 5 on there spastic Heeft die **** Floris nou ook al een PW account waar die lekker 4rn op kan spelen...
  2. how's it 2v1 if there's 3 clans at your side lol
  3. ty 4 pkri and cw fight ;P
  4. we both had similair opts when z crashed ;P gj on your trip
  5. you crashed our fight vs ef, obviously they wanted some kind of payback ;p
  6. Since all our pkri's got crashed we approached nme for a CLW fight which they accepted. It was an intense, close fight. Thanks for the fight nme. Shoutouts to ~ our future warlord David carrying ~ Lowcountries , Shiny , and Kevin their amazing tanks
  7. The link was working when I first posted the topic :-(
  8. Corrupt Pures vs Hostility We approached Hostility earlier this week for a F2P prep, we were quite surprised they accepted. We set up a 25v25 min rule but unfortunately they werent able to pull. We peaked at 33 and kindly sat 10+ people every round ;)
  9. 3o4

    CP vs EF 10v10 PCT

    dont have permission to post in pct section so yh started recording late round 1 nd 2 but anyone can confirm it was 10v10+
  10. Corrupt Pures vs Exiled Force Was fun , thanks for the fight EF :-)
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