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  1. We get ddos'd, and have been hacked more times than FI has, yet we're not the ones complaining about it, because whether we complain or not it's still going to happen. I cannot emphasize how truely stubborn you are for thinking that everything to do with hacking and ddosing is because of EoP lmao, boy, your leaders really are retarded, and you aswell, for believing them. Nice try, CP tries copying us so hard sometimes I find it funny. Trying to claim how many clans you slumped/closed, from copying our tactics, and even our forum awards, there was a topic on CP forums about what they should do to improve their clan, and it was copied right from EoP forums lmao, that was like 4-5 months ago, so im not gonna bother trying to find it, but it was pretty funny. CP doesnt hack and doesnt ddos. and i am pretty sure alot clans claim that they've closed a certain clan after having a rivalry.
  2. Sorry we don't post pk vids every day like you guys do, 2 of our 3 vidders weren't on today. pretty sure 3o4 vidded but hes dutch so he had to get off early. (silly dutch) i told you to vid fgt
  3. wondering if you got a response for that ;p w/e , at the end we know what happened. i understand you need to feed your members these topics so they dont get demotivared and leave ;/
  4. 3o4


    cp for p2p minis yo
  5. Both nme their videos are cut off where we called the push and cleared them , says enough :P Great trip :-)
  6. btw ur video cuts off at the part where we called a push and cleared ya ;^p
  7. so you r claiming wins with the horrible kdr u had? lol. just wait for our vid to be up :-)!
  8. f2p matched TLP MM FI CP FOE NME Z EOP HI p2p matched TLP FI MM FOE FZ EOP Z CP NME
  9. your clan posted a 22v22 2 days ago lol.
  10. 3o4

    cp vs nme mini

    langs dat niveau van jou zijn we allang voorbij ;^P
  11. 3o4

    cp vs nme mini

    it definitely was.
  12. [cp]lowcountries is pretty good
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