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  1. Was pretty fun actually. 50 kills in 2.5 hour , yup pretty fun You had 7 kills and ended so fast. Must've been a brilliant trip if you're judging how good a trip is by kill amount huh? I had fun cause we made clans run and got hits pretty often. Who cares if you guys ran away so fast we could barely bind a few people to get the kills? we ended cause clans like you , with similair opts didnt want to fight us but rather go hit a clan with only 20 ppl
  2. Was pretty fun actually. 50 kills in 2.5 hour , yup pretty fun Better then 7 kills in 2.5 hours. cant help it if clans are *******
  3. Slumped us l0l. How was ur trip 3o4? cant say it was good but clans didnt want to fight us lo NME had the same opts as us the whole trip but they spended their trip hitting z with 20 so yh
  4. Explain. Crashing a clan when u have 20 more constantly for kdr lol And i dont get why ur making fun of zenith when u pulled like 20-25 last week. But its aight i dun give a **** We gave back wat Z did to us when we pulled low, considering they didnt need to flame us when we did but they decided to. We paid back the favor. As for chasing clans that pulled 20 less, not really sure wat else we can do in this day and age of pure clanning. Who else should we be fighting? theres no1 that had a 40~ pull so we hit the clans that had 30-35. CP had 40 , everyone in nme knew that.
  5. Was pretty fun actually. 50 kills in 2.5 hour , yup pretty fun
  6. first we slumped you down from 45 to 20 pulls , and now your competition is ef? l0l
  7. 3o4

    CP vs NME P2P mini

    shoutout to [nme]chief for having 39 def and still getting onebanged
  8. idk now alot foe members joined tlp
  9. 3o4

    Hi Vs E

    horrible lol
  10. you werent even there and this was posted b4 tsh
  11. still mad you got demoted you ugly retard
  12. Venom wasn't a p2p only clan Venom was for the majority of its time, til the end where they tried to do f2p and WAR pushed them out of that as well. :teehee: war didnt do **** l0l excuse me, just say "gj on the trip" and move on. there is no need for another slumping clan to be flaming this topic. you know YOUR clan is slumping? retard
  13. Venom wasn't a p2p only clan Venom was for the majority of its time, til the end where they tried to do f2p and WAR pushed them out of that as well. :teehee: war didnt do **** l0l
  14. 3o4

    Recruit me

    what makes you think he wants to join a 1 server clan =/? i suggest you join ef jk join my clan shut up , you were on the edge of closing just lucky npo saved you
  15. agreed , but most clans who say yes probably wont follow
  16. funny how you're the first one to complain about members getting ddosed , mh..
  17. It would be appropriate to spew less propaganda, seeing that there is no 2 ways about the invites. EF is indeed an open clan, looking at their IRC topic. (12:34:48) * Topic is ' Welcome To #Clan-EF Home Of The Spartans | [EF] Tags For Voice! | SIGN UP FOR PREP FRIDAY AND PK TRIP SATURDAY! Recruit And Train! 80+ Combat REQ In 1 Week! SEMI FINALS FOR 10V10 TRAIN UP' (12:34:48) * Set by [EF]Take`[email protected] on Sun, 5 Aug 2012 03:19:06 Eastern Standard Time On top of that, we see not members, but rather ranks of EF participating in the war. His IRC nick is [EF]Tragic and is a HC of EF, even to this minute. So please, do not ever think CP is better than Fi. They did not win this war alone; this fullout has absolutely no meaning because it was not CP fighting by themselves. You should never ever have pride in defeating someone if it wasn't with your own hands and not the hands of another clan member. Perhaps one weekend, CP will have the capability to defeat Fi without having a helping hand every step of the way. Perhaps clans can put faith into their own members and not others. Fi lost. But CP never won. I feel sorry for you that you had to type all that out l0l. m8 , ef is a community. not a clan. they dont have any events at all , they/ve all been in cp for over 2 months. and dont forget , there were only 3-4 ' ef' members.
  18. what happened to you? >.> the old skillzy woulda taken the loss I would definitely take the loss if it had JUST been CP members fighting. I honestly don't care about the ddosing from a third party or the invisible glitch... But when you openly accept other clan members in the community to fight for YOUR clan, that's when it becomes illegitimate. if you're talking bout EF and XL EF isn't even a clan anymore they became a community kinda thingy o.o (not a clan anymore) like 2 weeks ago XL closed a rlly long time ago D: we've explained this soooo many times -,- also had a bunch of old schoolers like ibug, rage, carson, pink, punch there it was all legit CP kinda expected the invites excuse tbh >.> seeing that you' all week everyone but Ghostly <3 Ghostly has been saying "itll be CP+Invits" but w.e you'd rather claim to have lost to a bunch of invites and make your clan which has the highest combat average outta all pure clans and apparently is #1 matched look like ****. Fine by us :3 Flawpy gettin down and dirty All you're doing is proving my point. XL and EF are a community maybe, but they're not CP members. Until they apply and have a "member" tag on your forums, they might as well be clanless. So, because you invited them to your fullout, they are classified as "invites." Anyway, my point has obviously been proven. I'm done, enjoy your victory and most likely "last word." All the EF members you are talking about , were in CP before the fullout and they will stay in CP.
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