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  1. Nop, he just helped luke with writing the topic ;p
  2. 17 replies, all the replies youve gotten on the topic are by ranks... wot a bad clan
  3. props to my boy BvG for helping me with this mighty beast of a topic. Unlimited massed up today at Barrows, expecting the best and getting it, but this Gypsy I talked to in Varrock said some crazy stuff, so I don’t even know foreals. She was talking about how I’m a hero, and how I need to kill this Demon too. I don’t know if I should believe her, but if she really is telling the future, then maybe I should. Anyways, Unlimited peaked at 55 warriors equipped with magical yellow headgear, which was crafted by the finest in the land. Holding their Ancient staves and rune crossbows high, they set out with dreams of victory. Moonlight lit the battlefield (For those in the GMT timezone anyway) as unlimited approached DV at spiders. It was a gruesome battle, filled with bloodshed and turmoil. The fight involved magical barrages freezing warriors in their tracks, and runite bolts piercing even the most skilled warriors’ armor. After a fierce battle, only yellow remained. (No spiders were harmed in the duration of this fight) Next, Unlimited unleashed a series of strategically planned attacks on Leet Tactics in single. The magical yellow headgear proved successful in freezing the red enemies, disabling them from escaping the overpowering yellow warriors. The next Unlimited battle took place near the graveyard, an ironic battleground, against Trilogy. After the savvy magicians on both teams barrages and teleports began to thin, a pink clan entered the scene. Screaming out TP, the opposition stormed in, causing Unlimited and Trilogy to leave without a victor. In an attempt to finish this battle of epic proportions, a rematch was issued against Trilogy. This time, the 3rd party was blue. A clan by the name of Ai crashed, once again, leaving the fight without a champion. I mean MAYBE if there was a world 3, there’d be less crashing and less server downtime…Just sayin. The last victory of the day was yet another against the clan Leet Tactics. This time, however, LT was indeed in the multi combat zone. This allowed Unlimited to take over the battle in a much swifter fashion, leaving nothing behind but the remains of red. 3o4 I Pk U Mr British Tim
  4. Agreed with my man Zee, I forgot how this was your first time winning something, feel bad for flaming. We'll let you have a plus 4 from now on, just try to win all 3 rounds l0l Pull more than 10 next time We didn't think you would pull tbh, but I guess merging 2 clans will get you some people... But sure, but IDK how you think you can compete even ops when you didn't even win all three rounds up by 4. GJ I guess your clan finally accomplished something? I'll be sure to take you guys more seriously next time l0l there wont even be a next time, cause you'll be closed by then l0l!
  5. Today on our first event ever on Battlescape we pulled 37 people on Teamspeak and peaking at 32 ingame. I would like to thank every person that came today and to every ****ty clan we ran into on the pk trip today, that is going towards you Devotion+Lethal, sadly you still could not clear us. F2P PREP Unlimited Vs Terror Round 1 Well done Terror you beat us :( Round 2 Unlimited Starting: 15 Unlimited Ending: 14 Terror Starting: 14 Terror Ending: 0 Round 3 On this round we had to punish the so called Council of Divinity, Drip Red so we made him lead the fall in getting all the arrows and scimitars smashing against his pixelated body with blood rushing out he slowly fell to the ground as the rest of the golden army rushes into Lethal to avenge our great god. Unlimited Starting: 15 Unlimited Ending: 13 Terror Starting: 13 Terror Ending: 0 Pure Clan League As we where very excited that for once PCL was organized and set and thinking every clan came but sadly finding out Devotion did not show up and that our friends Divinity did not come either. So we decided to fight Trilogy. Unlimited Starting: 24 Unlimited Ending: 0 Trilogy Starting: 42 Trilogy Ending: 35 We tried and killed a lot of them before they killed us so just wanted to say TY Trilogy for the fight. Wildy Pk Trip Unlimited Vs Lethal We just dominated this fight after hearing that Lethal ran away from our request of a PCL fight they went to the wildy so we followed and just utterly ****d them. Unlimited Starting: 30 Unlimited Ending: 25 Lethal Starting: 15 Lethal Ending: 0 Unlimited Vs Devotion+Lethal FINALLY Devotion comes out of there hiding but hiding behind another clan when they rushed us at gap. But we just got our group south of gap and started to dominate and 1 by 1 they disappeared. GF AND NEXT TIME DON'T HIDE LITTLE BOYS. Unlimited Starting: 28 Unlimited Ending: 20 DO+L Starting: 25 DO+L Ending: 0 Videos Wilderness Fight ty Ryan Wilderness Fight ty 3o4 Pictures
  6. This I don't know why people think BS is better than 06 scape, maybe because they can't afk train starts or they just suck at PKing without having an OP account 06scape is unstable and its no fun anymore cause you already know how everything works etc
  7. funny how most of you cant even handle changes and instantly quit lmao
  8. if rs wouldnt get a major update rs would end up dieing anyway i still think they should do the update in small paces ( like they always did )
  9. we usually pull 40 to preps. nbd No u dont we pulled 40 to fight ef last week ye cause youve recently had a clan close into you but hey, those pulls wont last p; Looool u have more sv members then us derp naw m8 ;p
  10. we usually pull 40 to preps. nbd No u dont we pulled 40 to fight ef last week ye cause youve recently had a clan close into you but hey, those pulls wont last p;
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