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  1. The death of the wildy should have been the bigger blow. We didn't have any way of fighting other clans for quite some time and it destroyed something that was so integral to the game I thought people were screwing with me when they told me the update. The pure community just gave up with EoC and too many didn't make a legitimate effort to make it through. I can't speak for all, but I know the majority of MM gave up before they even had an idea of what they were doing. People who didn't even play the beta constantly complaining about things they have no idea about, and even after release, too few even tried to pk. I can understand quitting if you don't like it, but the fact is most people acted like sheep and bandwagon quit before they had even the slightest idea of what they were doing. It takes maybe a day or two to know what you're doing, it is not a huge time investment to "relearn the game." This is overall disappointing to me. We make it past the end times of pking, yet we let EoC stop us. I just don't get it.
  2. The Pure Community Gave Up Going to agree with you here
  3. Shame I wasn't there. I don't know why you hypocrites cling to your def. The bonuses do not outweigh the combat levels, it is only beneficial in clan v clan setting where you can push the limit beyond the point of justification because you know you have to answer to nobody. It's a pity, but it only made MM's success over you all the better.
  4. At least you guys tried, a lot better than most can say. I sometimes wonder how everything would turn out if you were on MM's side.
  5. We've done it like 100x to others dw, cp/fi can vouch. Da spies keep us updated. Sure it wasn't the fact that we kept spamming the FC in IRC that tipped you off?
  6. Had no idea one could close a FC. Guess I learnt something from my experience with EoP, something I never fathomed possible.
  7. I don't agree with you often, but I agree with you here.
  8. Pretty sure we took you 2-1. Not sure who you were asking the second time around though.
  9. Zyox


    Hope it goes well. How many members does it look like you're retaining?
  10. MM is going to be in an interesting position. Speshls, myself and a few others remain to bring the clan into EoC, but the forums and the entire way MM is structured will be a lot different. We will give it a serious go for one month as soon as the dust settles, but the fact that the entire pure community is so fractured and divided is not going to help anyone; while it once could have saved us in a situation like this, it is likely to make things a lot worse. There's still hope, I'll put everything into MM, but I don't know what will happen in a months time.
  11. Considering I can 1 hit a black demon, I'm going to go ahead and say you're doing it wrong.
  12. It's not set in stone yet for us as far as I'm aware. Totally hypocritical of us if it goes through, but not at all surprising if you see who's running the show. Shouldn't have posted this though, Gack.
  13. The killing power is only from assault, it's not a big deal. Your biggest damage dealer is the range. Also, 2 xbows outdamage a zaryte bow meaning I can do more, with much much less risk and protect a godsword/maul over dual xbows.
  14. Direct link, can't figure out how to embed here Watch it, we will be fine. Take time and play around with the beta, work out viable combos etc before you start complaining. We'll be viable to a certain extent, I like what I see and what I'm capable of. I'm killing people that I would never dream of killing in the old wild (former turm zerker kill included, full torag main 40 levels higher, etc)
  15. This is the reason you lost. You guys clumped up every single round and I had no problems finding 3+ man piles because no matter where I looked there was one to barrage. Lack of experience and probably poor calling was the reason why you guys lost, not because someone took some bad inventory.
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