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IRC: #Clan_CX

Forums: http://www.clan-cx.com

Member List: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=clancx


A week ago, xVideos declared a fullout war on Complexity in which each clan would have a week to prepare. After a day of discussion, the staff of Complexity gladly accepted the declaration. The odd part?

The war would be on Wednesday.

On the day of November 3, 2010, Complexity headed out with 51 warriors who were at the war to protect the name and reputation of Complexity.


The Rules for the fight are as followed:

20 Def Cap,

Overs On,

3 Rounds Clan Wars




Complexity [CX] v Exclusive [Ex]

Exclusive attacks.


Complexity had a DD in the center of the arena near the prisons east and waited for Exclusive to rush and attack with their 37 people. As the red lines of CX and the flash2:@@@@ signs collided, suddenly the Ventrilo of Complexity crashed and the members were forced to go without the leadership they had on Ventrilo. However the warriors of Complexity remained strong and relied on each other to pile and even with the obstacle did claim the first round of the war.


Starting numbers:

Complexity [CX] : 50

Exclusive [Ex]: 37


Ending numbers:

Complexity [CX]: 41

Exclusive [Ex]: 0


Round 2: Complexity attacks.

After great and fast work from our ventrilo support team, we soon had our Ventrilo back up before the 2nd round. As many of our members who live in the GMT timezone soon were leaving due to the late time, we had lost a few people. However, we still had a advantage, starting with 44 members. However Ventrilo had crashed again. So once again the clan was without the leadership in Ventrilo.

As both clans fought to control the trees, Complexity came out victorious and also won this round.


Starting numbers:

Complexity [CX] : 44

Exclusive [Ex]: 36


Ending numbers:

Complexity [CX]: 36

Exclusive [Ex]: 0

Round 3: Plateau Run in.

After winning the last two rounds, Complexity decided to fool around a little bit and decided to spread and rush Exclusive. As the two clans fought, Exclusive started to gain the advantage of this round, everyone in the clan started to get serious and stopped fooling around started to pile. In which, Complexity sealed the 3-0 win.


Starting numbers:

Complexity [CX] : 41

Exclusive [Ex]: 35


Ending numbers:

Complexity [CX]: 26

Exclusive [Ex]: 0



Video by Gaia Online:


The Pictures (Courtesy of Complexity members:






















Thank you Exclusive for giving us the opportunity to fight you.

Any Complexity member found flaming or trolling will be dealt with accordingly.

Complexity and Exclusive leaders please point out any errors in this topic.


Founder of Critical Crew
Member of The Last Pures
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Nice pull, you won pretty convincingly

Proud Founder of Carpediem
Proud Founder of Hysteria
Proud Leader of Malice
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Nice a little birdy told me there where invites from both clans :o


Yeah I heard that as well, but good job nonetheless.

Proud Ex-Leader of Carnage

Proud Ex-Manager of TLP

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Gj on your win, although from watching, the only thing more disappointing than your organization was that Ex, even with a level advantage, couldn't just stick in one place and take advantage of it.


It enfuriated me, i was mad.

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Nice a little birdy told me there where invites from both clans :o


Exclusive brought invites we didn't.




OT: We did good, btw ex u still think we can't pull on weekdays?

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Nice a little birdy told me there where invites from both clans :o

Exclusive brought invites we didn't.



1st: We had 1 person out from our ml and he was our Ex Council who came back. U however brought even ur apps there and some other ppl from other clans.


2nd: Last Update: 3rd Nov 2010 Nice ML lock yeah?


3rd: Our vent/members got Ddos'd too.


But yeah gj on the victory I guess.


And for leen. I was reli that scared to 1v1 me bro? Waited over 15mins in w 124 bridge but then i eventually hopped. Lulz



[17:51] [Ex]Gu1lty_2h_ and the people we added to ml w/o apping were all ex-ex members

[18:00] [dF]NasTy False, 0 twinpl0x 0 was never ex, he was in df


<@[Ex]xVideos> F00t just register and be there pleas




We got enough evidence to say u brought members who werent on ml also we didnt say u guys ddosed our ventrilo. Oh yeah u lost get over it thanks.

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