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For the people who do not know, my old youtube channel got hacked few weeks ago. Yes i am sad, but i do not really care since i got like 5k subs in 4 days on my new one. I bring this up here, because the hackers aka Elvy and Gh0st have been uploading viruses to my youtube channel. So for all the people who were or still are subscribed to my old youtube channel Do Not Click or Download Any Link On It..


Also any clan leaders reading this, you just post something on your clans member board section or announcement section saying not to click on anything, because it not only my youtube channel that is uploading things like this. I already know few people who have been getting hacked and just today they came into NP'S IRC and started to spam this when ops were not on.


On top of sending things through youtube, people have been getting mssgs through IRC saying there is a gh0st on your IRC tag. Do not type in your information through IRC its a scam and thats how they been getting IRC accounts. Many members in fatality have beenreceiving dumb stuff like this so be aware. If you get any type of mssg through IRC asking for personal information just go to #support on IRC and they will tell you if its real or fake.



<`elvy666> any1 here?

<`elvy666> any fuckups from np here?

<Gh0st> Danee kG X [carter251] [Pf]Pingfao `Shame|Layne` Bloody|AFK iboneui Vectra[38] [101] [C]Josh|Ayo [CP]Ron|k1ss [Dravid] [Foe]Brian [iR]`TimzBNC [sL]RuneScript `-Mike-`|Blackops Dave|Rihana_Pm_Me evo|afk Indestructible iviet Mazdaspeed Mcgee OURLOUNGE pk-benny sTREETzAFK Vevo Wrecka [`Billy`] [EoP]FutureProd [Fi]HpNoTiQ [Foe]KGB|AFk`Sleep [Foe]Kyle|BNC `elvy666 `Hi_Im_Ant `sam Chirag DannN Gh0st

Gh0st> kids_meals

<Gh0st> ripend Scott`` scrupulous TotalobliviaSleep walli|afk Xeta

<`elvy666> any fuckups from np here?

<+pk-benny> ?

<Chirag> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<Chirag> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<Chirag> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<+[Dravid]> im np.

<`elvy666> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<`elvy666> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<`elvy666> http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/286/101110004515.png

<`elvy666> gf hacked

<`elvy666> AMG SPIES ON ME PLZ

<+[Dravid]> who is that?

<`elvy666> and hack ur ****

<+[Dravid]> i got banned

<Chirag> for

<Chirag> $15

<Chirag> yes

<+OURLOUNGE> isnt that despised ko's irl friend

<+OURLOUNGE> which is coleader of inc?

<Chirag> his irl friend is the other acc

<Chirag> the twin

<Chirag> im on despiseds irc

<Chirag> nick

<Chirag> atm

<Chirag> THIS NAME

<Chirag> im elvy son

<+[101]> I wonder how elvy got that......

<Chirag> and me and gh0st run ****

<Chirag> [101]

<Chirag> i got ur youtube

<Chirag> idiot

<+OURLOUNGE> elvy chill dude..

<Chirag> **** naw

<Chirag> kid wanna spy

<Chirag> on me

<Chirag> i spy thru his cam

<+OURLOUNGE> whats he spying on?

<Chirag> while he masturbates

<Chirag> ME

<+[101]> I really do not care, go some where else random no 1 really cares.

<Chirag> and my p0rn


<+OURLOUNGE> i dont get it

<Chirag> somewhere is one word

<Chirag> adam

<Chirag> you're a ginger


<+[101]> I think i would know what type of hair i had lol?

<Chirag> 100+ references

<Chirag> im elvy666

<Chirag> [101]

+[Dravid]> chirag

<+[Dravid]> he'll prob recov lol

<+[101]> Are you going to come to my house and send me 100000 sex supplies or something lol like you told the in kid in #fatality and #valhalla.

<+[101]> lol you are very funny.

<+[101]> Threats only go so far over the internet my friend.

<+pk-benny> [101]

<+pk-benny> im kill you irl

<+[101]> I will leave the door open lol

<+[101]> haah

<+pk-benny> :L

+iviet> oi chill out k

<+iviet> He dangjerus

<+[101]> He cant do ****.

<+pk-benny> [101] i can ddos

<+[101]> So what.

<+[101]> I can change my ip.

<+pk-benny> lol nah i cant

<+pk-benny> i just wanted to be tough

<+iviet> u guys r mean

<+iviet> .stats flickarapier

<+iviet> kids bad lawl

<+[101]> I love how this kids think there something important. They say bunch of **** that know one understands, to try to make them selves sound intimidating.

LOL! Who still plays this game

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Actually, I was hacked by Gh0st a while back. He didn't actually do anything to my account. He even gave me an anti virus to remove his virus from my computer. Now hes a good friend of mine.

Plnkaroundme | Proud Ex-Corrupt Pures General | Ex-Warring God
I Don't Scape Anymore
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Our fight was epic.

Control #1 Med

Accepted To Control 12/10/10
Promoted to Officer Of Control 12/28/10
Promoted to Warlord Of Control 5/1/2011

Founder of Hate - 2k14

Leader of Trauma - 2k14


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