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Was 2010 what you expected ?


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So we all remember those 2010 prediction topics in the last few days of 2009. When we asked our selves what will the future hold for my clan and everyone else? Would E hold onto #1 ? Would any other clan break the top 3 ? Which clans would rise and which would fall, we all made predictions but for some and maybe most of us those predictions never came to be. So i ask you, did 2010 turn out to what you thought it would be? and What do you think 2011 will hold? Will anybody else break the top 3 ? which clans will rise and which will fall ?

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What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves?
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Not really, the first 9-10 months was normal, but CP all the sudden rising that up was a surprise to me.


Not much expected for 2011. I believe Chaotic will live throughout 2011 and take that next step into the top 5-6 sometime in the next year.


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Nothing really extravagent happened except EoP and CP rose a bit.


I don't like making predictions really, but I will tell you this: If pure clans don't start respecting each other more than the whole community might die.




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For 2011 I see a Pure-warfare gathering around june, somewhere in Japan. Where we meet eachother In real life and discuss pure-ish things.



Or we could just do that on IRC/PW Forums



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Shame clans have to resort to mass recruiting.

Been going on for ages. You must not have been on that pest control boat when EOP was pming random pures there to join.




hows it going pure. hows your fantasy team?


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