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looking for fun


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Hi I tried looking through recruitment topics and there are so many clans there.

Thought i'd make a topic to see what people in the community think.


I prefer f2p as my computer isnt the best and if i die in f2p due to lag at least i dont lose like 500k+


I'm 60 att 99 str and have 85 mage for tb.

44 prayer all that good stuff.

Unfortunatly i got def through a couple of accidents but it's still low. can't even wear steel.

i'm 19 and i'm from canada and erm... i have a 10m bank roughly not including my corrupt d scim


As said my computer isnt the best so I'm not looking for big fights so I guess that rules out like foe/mm even if i could get into them.


So yeah if you guys could help me out would be cool.

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If you want fun, I can give you all the fun you want (Sexual innuendo intended).



Proud Founder of Carpediem
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If you like f2p you should forsure join Control we are f2p based. We are a med level clan so we don't pull too high but we pull enough :)






Hope to see you soon :D

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You could come check out #zenith great f2p clan, with 40-50 pulls to pk trips, lots of mini's daily. And a great community. You could even intro on our site, and see if you like zenith. www.zenith-rs.com Goodluck on choosing a clan.



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If you say no to MM/FOE then i guess EOP/TLP would be too much for you.

Depends how low you want it.


40-55 people go for Corrupt Pures/ Control /Zenith out of them i'd say CP.


If you want 35- then there are clans like Exiled forces, The Hatred, and of course the sex gods mentioned above Malice.

I would say NME but you're too high a lvl i bet with those stats so unless you want to train up a new pure ;D www.nme-rs.com if you're interested.


also bloody vikingz but they spell their name with a z... enough said there.

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Officer of Corrupt Pures
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#zenith if you want FUN! We have ALOT of mini's and preps. If you are still thinking about it u can check us out at www.zenith-rs.com .

Our community is strong and mature, so you shoud fit in it perfectly.

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Come check out #irclan . We are the most active clan in terms of number of events hands down. We have P2p and F2p events. I am from Canada too so come check us out eh!! www.rs-ir.com


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Check out #clan-cp :D


We have a great community and once you arrive on the scene will accept you with open arms <333

We have minis, preps and pk trips constantly throughout the week and don't worry about the lag, we usually pull a number thats suitable for even the bad computers :)


Cp-rs.com is where you can find us :)



warlord.gifCorrupt Pures Legend
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Check out We Are Royalty.


We have tons of fun events, fun things to do. With prank calls on ts, and karaoke nites.


Also fun events like castle wars, pure house training together, luring, drop parties, revs.


check us out! :)





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