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If you could bring back one clan......


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Devastation, why?


Every clan have their special community, members and environment. Being part of Devastation was by far my greatest experience in RuneScape, never though Devastation would made it as far as it did and at times I regret I didn't return to help out the clan.


If I had to choose a clan I haven't been in it would be Epidemic, with the time I honestly gained lot of respect for them.

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I would say Th so CP can **** on them again <3

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Been with them for about 2 years, had great friends and it was a great community, was my greatest experience in Runescape.


Also Epidemic and Malice, gained a lot of respect for them they were great clans too.

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(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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