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[10/30/10] Corrupt Pures F2P Pk Trip


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IRC: #Clan-CP

Forums: http://www.corruptpures.com

Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ceepee







Today Corrupt Pures set out with a strong 45 man pull which rose up to a peak of 49. Being a little short on opts we began our trip nonetheless.




After hearing CX was on the sperm hill we quickly hopped and realized IR was west of them, as we logged in we prepared for the rush of IR. The fight began smoothly and there was really no clear dominate side. After 2 to 3 Minutes of fighting EOP Crashed and CP went into BH bank to regroup.


Corrupt Pures Starting : 45

Intense Redemption Starting: 55?(scouted)


Corrupt Pures Ending : 38 in BH after Eop crashed.

Intense Redemption Ending: No Idea :o






After fighting Ir we hopped to World 136 where we found Complexity at the lava gap. We quickly pushed them losing only a few. However, before the fight was over TLP crashed and forced CP to shift north towards the east tree. TLP then left CP and rushed IR or CH or someone I believe XD Anyway, we ran back and found CH and some other clans battling it out so we grabbed some kills and left to remass.


Corrupt Pures Starting : 45

Complexity Starting: 45 ( Confirmed ) (19:17:11) <[CP]Drunk> when we fought u at gap

(19:17:14) <[CP]Drunk> how many did you have

(19:17:19) <[CX]Seb> 45


Corrupt Pures Ending : 33ish ( After TLP Crash & Regroup east of gap )

Complexity Ending : No Idea :( Probably 15 - 20ish







After remassing we hear that Exclusive is on the new member gate hill so we quickly massed up and rushed them.


Corrupt Pures Starting : 45 People

Exclusive Starting : 30 People ( taken from your topic and saw 90 opts )


Corrupt Pures Ending : 45 People

Exclusive Ending : 0 People ( a few may have ran away )




After killing Ex we heard that they were supposed to have a run in Vs Z. Sorry about crashing you before you fought :( Anyway, we rushed south only to find Chaotic, we attacked them a bit in single zone and they ran off. After grabbing a quick fall in we rushed what our ventrilo told us that Zenith was on the New Member Gate hill with about 30ish People. We quickly rush Zenith and push them into Maze to finish them up. Zenith put up a pretty good fight being out numbered and out leveled.


Corrupt Pures Starting : 40

Zenith Starting: 31


Corrupt Pures Ending : 40

Zenith Ending : 0 ( a few may have ran west to live )




Wanting to Fight Fi, Tlp, or IR we hop north east of the hills to look for any of the three. We find TLP right next to us when we log in. Tlp ran onto the nearest hill towards single and CP instantly rushed them being down about 5 people. The fight was pretty steady but was crashed by IR. CP and TLP both rushed IR after regrouping and pushed them into clan wars in seconds making it one of the most dominating push in history.



Corrupt Pures Starting : 43

The Last Pures Starting: 50


Corrupt Pures Ending : 43

The Last Pures Ending: 50

Intense Redemption Ending: 0 On the battle field, rest in clan wars :\




Wanting a rematch vs TLP we quickly massed up 43 Legends and hopped west of the green hill in order to avoid crashing. As we hopped to attack TLP on the hill we hear that IR rushed TLP. We grabbed a fall in and began to AC the fight, TLP was dominating clearly and quickly took control over the fight. Masta told me someone in TLP vent spammed on CP so Some Tlp attacked CP so we retaliated and killed the few TLP on the hill, just a few stragglers.


After TLP's glorious victory they decided to end and head down to the pub to drink and eat and to talk about other times they went to the pub to drink and eat! CP regrouped with about 37 GODS and was searching for IR everywhere in world 21. Finally IR rush Cp from the sperm hill and the fight began. CP took control of the fight instantly and never looked back.


Corrupt Pures Starting : 37

Intense Redemption Starting : 31


Corrupt Pures Ending : 37

Intense Redemption Ending : 0 ( a few ran to clan wars )




Pictures & Videos


- By Charlie <3















To Poke :D








Proud Founder Of Corrupt Pures
~Opened May 8th 2005~
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Was a fun trip !!

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*Turns on peacekeeper mode*


It's not cool to be a mad kid over the interwebz. Not only do you make yourself look like a baboon but you make the rest of your clan look like a bunch of numbskulls. What's happened already happened.


Please TRY to attempt to keep it civil, and enjoy the topic for not it's accuracy but for it's entertainment value.


At least that's how I try to look at it :3

So Poe is rectified as cancer right?

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