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The end of pures???


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(Posted by Magica on MM forums)




Damage Soaking and New Hit Splats


We have recognised an imbalance between the potential damage per minute (DPM) and damage capacity (DC) of higher-level players. The rate of damage that you can deal at high levels is far greater than the rate of damage you can withstand, especially when in a multiplayer environment. NPCs and boss monsters can deal with this issue because their life points can reach far beyond 990, but players' life points cannot. Dealing with this imbalance will be done in several ways, with the first of those ways being introduced this month in the form of damage soaking.


In what will be a huge addition to the Defence skill and defensive equipment, we're aiming to add damage soaking stats (currently only applied to the chaotic, eagle-eye and farseer kiteshields) to the majority of head, body, leg and shield slot equipment. Damage soaking will help reduce all incoming damage values over 200 life points, with higher grades of equipment offering a greater percentage of 'soak', and with members' equipment offering the greatest percentage of all.


We'll also looking forward to releasing a brand new set of hit splats to give you better information about any combat you're in. We’ve had some great conversations in the forums after the dev blog about hit splats a few months ago and have changed our approach thanks to your excellent feedback








Mains aside from being impossible to hit they will absorb some of the damage and will be even harder to hit. This will be in P2P and F2P. The higher the def requirement for the armour the more damage it will absorb.


tl;dr - In short, armour will deflect hits, the higher the defence require for the armour the more it will deflect. EG: if you hit a 700 with a ags and you hit it on a guy with full torags on, he will only get 400 damage points. If you hit the same on a guy with full Iron on, he'll get hit a 680 (note Im making the hits up but you get the idea)

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Basicly some time this month there making it so if your wearing barrows armour you absorb 50% of the hit, if your have rune on you absorb 30% of the hit, etc etc


the % are not correct but thats the basic idea.


So bassicly another disadvantage for pures.






Proud To Be Belgian.




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Basicly some time this month there making it so if your wearing barrows armour you absorb 50% of the hit, if your have rune on you absorb 30% of the hit, etc etc


the % are not correct but thats the basic idea.

Thanks ;D!



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Well, this will actually help pures. It won't help pures against mains, but it'll create an opportunity, or it will make everyone who got defense ragequit.


Everyone who is 1 defense, can just play others who are 1 defense, normally. If you get 20 defense, you're not even worth playing against with 1-10 defense, because you will 'soak' the damage. 20 defense pures will be playing against people with rune or higher armour, and the 20 defense pures are going to need to get 99attack to hit through it, which is going to put their combat level up, which is going to put them against possible barrows.


If the 'soak' rate is high on armour, having 20 defense is pointless. Having 30 defense is even more pointless. If the rates are high enough, if you got 20 defense, 60 attack and 99 strength, good luck playing against kids tanking you. Your main point of existence, high DPS on any armour, is rendered useless. This should apply to Magic, Range & Melee. So good luck trying to just use magic on kids who wear too much armour.



This is just my thoughts on it, but those who got 20-40 defense, are going to be screwed over, since these 'soak rates' may be static and if they're high enough are going to pit 20-40 defense users against kids in Barrows.


For P2P this might be a problem. For F2P it may be an advantage to get 20 defense, due to the lack of armour past Rune, which is easily hittable with 85+ attack. So P2P pures pking in F2P might have it 'easier'.


For levels 1-10 though, it's going to be how it is now. 1-10 pures aren't going to feel the effects in F2P or P2P as heavily as 20-40 defensers are going to.


If this turns out how I think it is going to turn out, I have to lol @ how Jagex consistently smacks pures of all types in the face.


If the 'soak rates' on the armours do not increase in a linear fashion for the different levels of armour, then 20-40 defense pures should get screwed over. If it is a linear line or if it curves off, 20-40 defense pures might have a slight advantage. This applies to P2P.


F2P, either way, 20-40 defense pures still have it easy if they aren't meleeing and are just ranging.



Just my speculation on how this could affect pures and how it may not kill them as you may think it will.


I honestly believe this sounds like it is going to screw 20-40 defense pures over, hardcore style to the max.

Pure Annihilation!

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We will be remembered :P.


Anyway Runescape's pretty gay there are much better games out there, just saying.

Tom N Eto. 99 Range, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints Pure.
Ex-The Hatred High Council.
Ex-The Dreaded High Council
Malice Founder. Something words can't describe.

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This will just revert Runescape back to its initial intentions. The oldschool rock, paper, scissors MMO.

Mage>Melee Squirtle>Charmander

Melee>Range Charmander>Bulbasaur

Range>Mage. Bulbasaur>Squirtle


(Gotta love Pokemon Red&Blue References) :bunny:



Hybridding could still live on if this is the case. Soaking bonuses may only work for the type of combat that armor is ment for. Ex. Full Dharok, goodluck hitting with melee, but mage will still **** him up. Or Karils will protect better and soak magical damage but may be just as susceptible to melee damage as it was before. Just a more optimistic possibility.


Mains would have an obvious advantage, wear one armor pray something else, but it wouldnt completly kill the pure world, and if it does who all is with me to continue playing pures just for the legacy of pures and reopen some 1-5 def only clans, maybe consider prayer beyond 13 being impure again. It wouldn't be the death of the pure world it would be the rebirth of the LPC!!!!!!

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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:dry: Jagex ****** us again.

"So count your money, ill count my friends, we will see who's richer in the end."


Proud Founder of We Are Royalty

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Proud to have been Member of Fatality

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I Bleed Teal


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