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2 Years..


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It’s been a lengthy two years since Epidemic closed its doors. It is amazing to see how many things happen in two years. How many things changed. Do you remember all of it? The earthquakes of 2010? The Olympics? The World Cup? WikiLeaks and the “rise” of hacktivist groups? Occupy Wall Street? The death of Steve Jobs? All of revolutions in middle east? There is so much more… The best part is, even more things have changed in our personal lives.


Yes my friends, we definitely could make another topic to remember our victories, great times and successes but honestly, it’s such a small portion of what really happens in a whole lifetime. This is why I want to use this topic to hear about my old friends. Whether you were in Epidemic or not, I’d like to hear from you.


This community is often filled with trolls and useless hate. Take a break from all this crap and use this topic to share with others, to get to know others and most importantly, to realise that, after all, we’re all humans.


Consequently, today, I want you all to start your reply in this topic with In the last two years of my life, . Here I start…


In the last two years of my life, I have done so much. First and most importantly of all, I got a new girlfriend. My closest “online” friends, who I still talk to on TS, have heard a bit about her. She’s great. We’ve been together for almost 5 months and every day I love her more and more. She definitely changed my life for the best.


Furthermore, I got a job last fall which I still have, I work in an electronic store called LaSource. It’s a decent job for a student and I really like my team there.


I also went back to school to finish my computer sciences degree. I ran all day last summer, dropped so much weight I gained while playing scape back in the day haha. The sad part is I’ve stopped running a few months ago (when it got cold out here) and I’ve gained back some of this weight lol.


Yes, I miss Epidemic but I’ve moved on and trust me it’s for the best. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the great times I had and amazing people I met. To this day, I kept contact with a select few good friends and occasionally talk to a lot of you. I am glad of that and I hope I never lose contact.


That’s all. I think it’s safe to say a good portion of you don’t know me. That’s alright. You’re welcome to reply, I bet other people here who know you will be glad to know how your life is going.


If you have the intention to troll or start ****, no-one is going to bite on this topic and I’m sure mods will be prompt to delete your replies. So please, save yourself some time and don’t even post.


I’m done talking. It’s your turn! I want to hear about you!


Bob, always proud to have been Epidemic.

[E]Bawb or Bawb[AFK] in #Epidemic.
Don't hesitate to PM if you need anything.

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I miss these topics man <3. Unfortunately the community here is so crap, it's too bad, but that's what entertains this "generation of players" these days.


In the last 2 year's I've graduated high school and has started working hard to get my AA degree for business. I'm planning to transfer to a private college or just go straight to a nearby university/state college. I've been choosing my friends much more wisely, disregarding the people that I dont find beneficial in my life. I'm saving up for a new car, maybe I'll have it within a year or so who knows. I've finished my summer internship with a marketing company recently and now I'm looking for a new job, hopefully somewhere nearby, waking up at 5:30am to drive 35mins to work wasn't fun at all rofl.


As for scaping its taken a huge dip over the past 2 years, I play only for my clan and that's about it. League and css are what fills my time now haha.


Glad your doing great guy

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Hey Bob, good to see you're well and nice to see you again.


I'm back to my first clan (Fatality), fairly inactive but I do my best for the little amount of time I spend on this game now, focusing on what's happening IRL for me. Doing more travel this year, back to Europe to get the parts I missed last year; loving life ha.





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can u just reopen epidemic already fuk sake


jk ur mega cute no matta wat b0b


well i'm just scapin' for the final years that I will m8...

games not 2 much fun etc but you know I'm here cuz I like ma online bros and **** so it's gonna be hard to give up playing in the long run but it's something you gotta do


nice 2 c u still come on these b0ards


Coming at Full Force since February 1st, 2012.

Retired 6/28/14
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Best topic in clan discussion in a long time.


I've not been doing much these past two years, bad health in some form or other for a few years now, looking forward to 2012 though, a fresh start... With a lot less scaping.



Don't personally know you, but nice to hear your life has turned out for the better.





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Finally a topic worth reading! Glad you're doing great bob

11j2cfd.gif[Retired- High Council]| Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com |
"Could we even recognize ourselves, and if we did, would we know ourselves?
What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves?
What would we really like to see if we could stand outside ourselves and look at us?"
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In the last two years of my life, I managed to get into a great sixth form college where I've met loads of great people.


Getting to know these people has really helped me realise what I want to do in the next stages of my life with regard University and consequently I've been given offers from some great Universities in the course that I want to study. Hopefully, I’ll be studying at one next year if I can get the grades.


Glad to see things are going so well for you.



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I remember Epidemic, I was actually in the clan for a month or two (the older one) and it was the worst clanning experience of my rs career.


Relating to this topic, almost two years ago I quit this stupid game. Irl wise I started to care about school, started going to the gym recently, and finished applying to college. Two months until I find out most of my schools decisions, four months until graduation.

Btw to all the retarded newfags, realistically you should quit this game, or at least play it to a minimum. This game is a waste of time and you'll find it out sooner or later, and might as well make it sooner.



Quit RS February 2010, join the club? Sold Pker D o M Btw, if anyone cares.
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Hi Bob,


It's awesome to see you're doin' well.


It's been 2 years since Chaotic (The only "version" that ever mattered) closed, and I still do keep in contact with a handful of friends from there, (such as you do on TS and whatnot).


It's been 2 years where college work has piled up beyond belief, it's been 2 years where my boss has been nothing but a pain in the ass. But looking at it all, work has put a lot of discipline in me, and I've gotten a taste of reality, how hard is it exactly in this economy, how small you actually are as an individual, and how far willpower can get you.


Now I'm already almost done with school in a blink of an eye, already almost at the transition phase to move on and perhaps... "grow up".


Too much stuff in 2 years, just too much, but I'm proud of myself for going through all of it because at the end I've gained a lot more out of school, and work than I ever thought I would. I've meet new and fascinating people, I see and stalk new college chicks at the gym.


Life is good.




Oh and for any1 jwing, 3d girls = overrated, 2d = ftw.


Otaku 4 lyfe.



So Poe is rectified as cancer right?

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In two years I've finished my GCSE a-lvls if you call it that? For the dutchies (havo). Now I'm doing HBO (for you English people, It's like 1 stage under university, yes holland has a different school system) and enjoying it a lot. Also proud to say that I'm together with my girlfriend for 3 years now and still both in love. I've also started to spend more time with friends that I didn't have much contact with the last year which is great. Had a lot of fun last summer with friends on vacation (already want summer back haha, It's -15 celcius here in the evening and I hate snow!). Hmm what else... had a great new years evening with friends. So overall these two years have been great :)!


Good to hear from you Bob. Are you still as tanky now that you've lost weight? But hey.. don't you grow musscles and thus gain more weight :P!?


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these past 2 years ive managed to quit rs for 9-10 months b4 returning this summer( BIGGEST REGRET OF THESE 2 YEARS) and to quit again a few weeks ago only to go on for my clans minis, ive gotten a job and managed to get rid of all the fake friends ive ever had in my life

Proud Ex @Leader / Ex @Warlord Of Exiled Force
Stepped Down After 8 Months Of ******* **** Up
Retired From Pure Clanning `2006-2012
Sadly Came Back To RS
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