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Enemy's Fantastic Fourth of February

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After a great trip with a disappointing pull last week, the mighty Enemians were looking to continue our steady

rise to the top on todays trip, inflicting damage wherever we went. Once again CP decided to show their admiration by massing next to us which only motivated us more to kill them. We set out from edge today with a fantastic 40 people, peaking at 43 throughout our 2 and a half hour trip.


Enemy Vs Hostility Vs Fatality Vs Final Ownage Elite

We approached Hostility in the search of a run-in to kick off our trip. They gladly accepted and we locked horns at vents. Shortly after the beginning of the fight, both Final Ownage Elite and Fatality rushed in, prompting the Enemians to retreat to single. Not standing for this outlandish crashing blasphemy, we rushed back onto the battlefield and picked off anybody foolish enough to stay in multi. Eventually both FOE and FI rushed into single.


Enemy Vs Corrupt Pures

After weeks of chasing CP, having them crash, ddos and run from us at every opportunity, we finally got the chance to hit them. We scouted them at Moss Giants (where else) boosting their KDR and we smashed into them, dragging them out of single and up north. Their laughable attempts at pushing us wer countered by us dragging them up north and causing them to run out of energy extremely quickly. With not a single person wearing below black armour in sight on CP's side, we started to pick them off one by one until eventually only ~10 of them were remaining, booking it to single. With no intention to be crashed, the Enemians fell in north then hopped out to bank our adamant loot.


Enemy Vs We Are Royalty

We Are Royalty (along with the likes of Intense Redemption and Hostility) have become part of the Runescape Revolution by banking the adamant and equipping robes. Major props for doing that to all three clans. With a run-in agreed, we rushed into them east of ghostly piper and began what turned out to be an epic fight. With both clans firmly establishing their territories and several unsuccessful pushed, Enemy finally took the initiative and called what turned out to be the winning push. A fantastic fight it turned out to be.


Enemy Vs We Are Royalty Vs The Last Pures

After the first wonderful fight we had together, NME and WAR decided to set up another run-in. However, TLP decided not to give us a clean fight this time, crashing just as the fight had begun. NME re-grouped in single, and rushes back north expecting to find TLP. However, they left the world leaving a heavily damaged WAR on the battlefield. We cleared the remaining WAR but most of the damage had already been done by TLP.


At this point, the mighty Enemians were unfortunate to run into the Mayhem Makers twice, killing a lot of our members both times with their mighty pull. Congratulations on todays domination MM, great to see another real pure clan at the top of the food chain.


Our last bit of action for the day wasn't really a fight, but involved CP rushing us at maze hill. Once again we employed the tactic of constant movement against them, but CP had learned and this time did not follow. With no casualties on either side, we decided to end our trip there and head out on an unofficial pk trip for those who wanted to stay online.






















Thank you to all every Enemian for turning up today and making this one of our best trips in a long time. To the other MPC's who dropped the addy in favour of robes: you guys have a **** load of respect from us. We hope to have some great fights with you in the future.

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22:57] <Marty> smd


**** you marty


Gj on your trip mates apart from the odd member sniping on their main :P

- Ex @Overseer of Intense Redemption -
Proud Ex +Legend of Enemy

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Great job TSA (NME+Z+WAR+Other lil guys)!


./query [CP]iPKED when your ready or a full out, pkri or prep, 1 def all off green dhide also off because it is green and it may seem like addy in your eyes :P



Corrupt Pures [@Warlord]
#Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com

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