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Team Outbreak
Team Horsekillers

I have quit scape. The game is dead. Thanks to CPR for being the best time I've ever had on this game. WAR, met some good friends there, and finally Fatality, which was like a second home to me.

I plan on retiring from PW soon. I am over this game, and I would prefer not to moderate this site anymore.

To the PW Staff : We did good boys. I can't say there could of been a better moderating/admin team. The contributors got lazy, but that's to be expected.

To my friends: Thanks for being there when I needed it.
Special Shoutouts to Omni and Furious, two of my best friends on this site. Assrael is ok. `Pure sucks. ``Karl is gay. Derrick hit his house with a car. Inu eats dogs and is #2 azn on pw staff.

RIP Su_Ic_I_De 2k5-2k10

My final PK Video.

Crimson 4 Life.

Revenge is sweet, R.I.P. Am0n, C.P.R. is NOT to be ****** with.

Proud to have been an Elite in Team Outbreak, the #1 Pure Team.


Ex Advanced Member of Fatality

I am now High Council in CRIMSON PROJECT Stepped down for the time being.


R.I.P CRIMSON PROJECT 07/19/2011. Officially retired from pure clanning. No other clan could ever be what Crimson was. CPR RIDE OR DIE.


(02:40:30) <Tommy``> not going to lie if i was a girl i would want u inside me 24/7

(21:35:30) <atommy> do u think this is a good idea
(21:35:42) <atommy> if i tell my mom im gay when i start dating her so she doesn't always come into my room and ****
(21:35:51) <atommy> my friend told me to but idk
(21:36:49) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> idk
(21:36:50) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> she probably
(21:36:53) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> wouldn't fall for it
(21:36:54) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> unless
(21:36:55) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> she tings ur gay
(21:38:13) <atommy> mayb
(21:38:18) <atommy> would be pretty funny lol
(21:38:27) <atommy> my **** sister would end up telling her
(21:38:53) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> is she rly
(21:39:06) <atommy> ye
(21:39:21) <atommy> she would be like 'i cant believe your manipulating your sexuality for sex'
(21:39:28) <atommy> im like thts teh ****** pioont reard
(21:39:48) <[CPR]Trev|Suicide> LFMA

(19:44:41) <@``Karl> and my mom is hot
(19:44:44) <@``Karl> i'd bang her

(20:09:30) <@``Karl> GAY PRIDE WORLD WIDE

(19:51:12) <%Su_Ic_I_De> questing now.
(19:51:17) <%Su_Ic_I_De> tbh ima quit scape probably.
(19:51:27) <@``Karl> gimme ur gp
(19:51:48) <%Su_Ic_I_De> gimme a bj
(19:52:01) <@``Karl> bj for gp?
(19:52:04) <%Su_Ic_I_De> yes
(19:52:12) <@``Karl> sounds fair
(19:52:21) <%Su_Ic_I_De> depends on how good it is
(19:52:27) <@``Karl> the best

Anti Ginger Unit.

(17:27:48) <Su_Ic_I_De> k im drunk an im killing mains
(17:28:05) <Su_Ic_I_De> its going to happen
(17:28:20) <[Z]Lawson-> lmao
(17:29:24) <Su_Ic_I_De> don't make me kill the ginger
(17:29:37) <[Z]Lawson-> KILL HIM
(17:36:05) <[Z]Lawson-> LOLOLOLOL
(17:36:22) <[Z]Lawson-> he's screaming "KILL RICK JAMES!!! OMFG HE JUST KILLED ME"
(17:36:39) <Su_Ic_I_De> mission complete

QUOTE (Omni @ Mar 5 2011, 09:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Congrats to Suicide for actually being the perfect member that we've been looking for, for quite some time. Most members need to look up to this person and follow in his footsteps if they wish to get anywhere within PW.

QUOTE (P0ke N Die @ Mar 10 2011, 06:32 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
QUOTE (likdiknigga @ Mar 10 2011, 05:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
you don't accept matched fights with Zenith mellow.gif

Lol wtf would we fight Zenith for, we would get our asses kicked.

QUOTE (Druzzy @ Apr 10 2011, 03:50 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
QUOTE (Waldo @ Apr 9 2011, 08:46 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Gratz thread?

No, it's a worship thread.
You see, Pure-Warfare is a religion and moderator ranks are like mythological gods.
And you're just Roman trash. Congratulate your new master slave.

Druzzy #1

TY for the autograph HELLA

My boy NIKOO

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