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  1. ur just mad we punished you at piper
  2. all the ***** ranks left the trip early, leaving only the men to run ****.
  3. Don't know how you can say you had the upper hand, even though you did start with 6 more than us
  4. We've been open for 3, and we have an amazing memberbase, sorry that you're ignorant to the LPC scene.
  5. btw that daddy kid is just sucking up because he knows you'll close in like a week
  6. Is he a rank? I think not. Got a problem pm me on irc. We had 22 when we rushed u. :thumbsup: Your too nice to get angry at man, Hostility need to take a page out of your book
  7. Thanks for the both today and yesterdays preps. And thanks for the run-in, I honestly don't know what happened :S
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