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  1. ur just mad we punished you at piper
  2. all the ***** ranks left the trip early, leaving only the men to run ****.
  3. Don't know how you can say you had the upper hand, even though you did start with 6 more than us
  4. We've been open for 3, and we have an amazing memberbase, sorry that you're ignorant to the LPC scene.
  5. btw that daddy kid is just sucking up because he knows you'll close in like a week
  6. Is he a rank? I think not. Got a problem pm me on irc. We had 22 when we rushed u. :thumbsup: Your too nice to get angry at man, Hostility need to take a page out of your book
  7. Thanks for the both today and yesterdays preps. And thanks for the run-in, I honestly don't know what happened :S
  8. Will be interesting to see if any of the original 6 clans are closed by them, im routing for CP
  9. Glad to see Hi slumping, that's what they get for sinning =/
  10. You should be grateful that your in a minority of clans that don't accept addy/mith, it makes you stand out as a clan, and attracts all the nerds who are anti-defence to join you. Infact, I'd say that's the only reason anyone would consider joining your clan; bad trips, average leadership, never wins preps, slumping etc. But hey! they're 1-10 defence so gotta join them! This pure community has a way of completely over exaggerating the bonus's of accepting 30 defence considering pretty much 100% of preps are 1 defence cap, monk robes have advantages over armor in F2P anyway on pk trips, and on p2p trips 30 defence hardly helps at all. Nme needs to get through their thick skulls that we're not all newfags like them, some of us have been around for 5 years + and already have a member base that consists of people with 30 defence, and getting rid of them just isn't realistic: It's not hard to go and open a little low level clan then act all high and mighty to the big boys who are forced to adapt to survive.
  11. WAR and Hi have told me they will. Be the first and start the trend Junior, I know you have it in you. No. Were not changing anything, and that's final. Good. You'll need all the defense you can get :thumbsup: ur just mad after begging to rejoin IR we rejected u
  12. by the looks of foe's irl forum they need to work out aswell
  13. in the summer ir will return and will be punishing the pure community for their sins justlike b4
  14. y all the haters spamming ir sucks?
  15. the thrill of trips overcomes the predictability of preps
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