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Runescape ---> Easyscape?


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Hello everyone!


Looking back over the last 2 or 3 years we have seen extreme changes to RuneScape. The Grand Exchange update shook the RuneScape world at the core, making almost everything easily accessible. Since then, many newer updates have appeared.


To name a few we have Choking Ivy, mineral deposits, and Cavefish/Rocktail fishing. What effects have these things had on RuneScape?


Once upon a time, I remember that having a Woodcutting cape was very special. Now, with the implementation of Ivy, the Woodcutting cape is no longer as special as it once was. You may ask yourself "Why?". Well now Woodcutting requires minimal concentration, and it is "super fast". I don't remember the exact number, but around 334 exp per chop of Ivy is a bit on the large side. One chop of Ivy gives you the same Attack exp that you would get for killing a greater demon.


Mineral deposits and newer fishing methods have had the same effects on people. Once upon a time, the Mining cape was the most revered cape of all, mostly because it required so much time and because it was so boring. Now, once you hit 77 Mining, you can AFK your way to 99. Mining cape value = diminished.


Do you feel that RuneScape has become too easy with these new methods being implemented all the time? Do you think Jagex will keep releasing these "fast 'n easy" methods? WHY do you think Jagex even implemented them in the first place?





PM if you need assistance.

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It's always been getting easier. 2006 was 'easier' than 2005. This is really the only way it can be with levels that require experience that require enormous repetitive tasks to gain the large amount of exp. Grinding. You're either going to grind hard, and call it boring/slow/uninteresting, or it's going to be super fast. Slayer/Cooking. Runecrafting/Hunter. Smithing + Mining/Fletching + WCing.


This is, in my opinion, why Runescape is largely based around combat.


And combat has been feeling the limits of Runescape's mechanics for the past 2-3 years, and is ultimately at that breaking point now with fights lasting under 2 seconds to complete.

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You can't even get scammed anymore, like srsly, kids in RS these days would be so gullible.

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If you are involved in the skilling world then maybe, I've never played this game for anything other than pking. The pking world is always evolving and if something comes out to give you a handicap then people adapt to it. Its always been and always will be a challenge. *Knock on wood*

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I quit, quit this **** while you can.


Honestly, The G.E. has saved a lot of my time.


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**** sake, will they just release RS2 old school like they did, with old graphics, before GE, before Godwards, and keep this new ****** "RS", which is what I would call "RS3" to the noobs.

The amount of people that'd come back. I'd say they'd get atleast another 50,000 players back, plus all the noobs that are flooding the servers already.


Kthx Fagex.

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i wish they took away the trade limit and brought back wilderness.

Kids have gotten stupid and literally you could lure like 2bil in a week or something stupid.

At one point it had gotten hard to lure more then 5mil at one time unless you were jojo or the kids you found were really retarded.

I missed it, only ever got one purple phat lure ):

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