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Clan Get-Along Session


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In this thread we will put away our clantionalistic pride (my own neologism; playing on the word nationalistic) and try to learn of the values, positive character traits and passions of the people we see on these forums everyday but may not get along with all the time.


This thread will work as follows; Somebody posts the reasons they enjoy his/her own clan and explains why that makes them feel good. They then list the positive things they know from the clan above them and after that, if they have any tips or advice to pass on to that clan, they can do so as a way of expressing constructive criticism.


I don't expect to achieve much with this thread, but it would be interesting to make an assessment of which clanmembers use this opportunity to prove to themselves that they are not simply pawns who hang on to every last word of their Leadership and have the capacity to put themselves in the boots of clan members on the opposite side of the conflict.


I hope the guidelines are clear.


Since nobody has posted above me, I will simply tell you what I like about my clan and the poster under me can start properly.


To me, Malice stands as one of the last clans with traditional values such as the enforcement of honour PKing, a 1 defence standard and a stance against flaming. This, as can be imagined, gives me a sense of pride and a spur to go onwards. In my clan I also have the destinct feeling that I am able to give my members the opportunity to not simply join a #1 clan and show up to events every now and then, but to join a clan and have the feeling that they are making a difference and that all of the luxuries they enjoy in the clan are a product of their own efforts.


At this point I would talk about the positive things I can attest to as an observer of the person's clan who posted above me (there's always something positive to say!) and then say what they could possibly do better.


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Well I think that Corrupt pures have a really layed-back, chilled out community. Which I absolutly love. You can have a nice chat with any member. And trips are filled with fun TS convo's.


The thing I liked about Malice is that they were always up for a fight no mather what.

We used to mini alot.

And asfar as I can remember we never had a mini with much argueing about re-do's and what not.



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Fatality in general is a great clan, but one of our greatest assets is our strong community. Many clans will brag that they have a great community, but in Fatality we surpass the expectations of how good a clans community should be. Like all the other clans we offer, friendship, immediate help, understanding, and most imporantly war experience. We hold many events every day in both F2P and P2P. Fatality is one of few clans to successfully excel in both servers. We are able to do this with a combination of large numbers and prime organization. Our member activity is matched by very few clans.


Like I said above Fatality has one of the most relaxed, clan based communities which consists of old members along with the new faces whom we welcome with open arms. No matter where you live, Fatality members are sure to be on 24/7 even in Team Speak at 4am. With over 100 active members and future applicants, and 180+ members total there will always be a few members around your combat to PK with.


Also one of the best things I love about Fatality is our history, and knowledge past ranks left us to keep our clan moving no matter what troubles may come our way.



CP has a dedicated leader who seems to never give up in any situation. They have a strong F2P Based community with great knowledge in that particular server. I hope you guys keep going strong, and always look for improvement.

LOL! Who still plays this game

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Every clan will say it, but I believe that Negative has a really tight-knit community. The majority of our members are 1 defence, and we are one of the few clans who do not allow 30+ defence to join. Many of our members are solid at f2p warring, and we have a few members who are just as good in the p2p servers and are willing to help less able people who are striving to improve their p2p abilities. This will sound weird as we are a primarily f2p based clan, but ever since I joined Negative, not only have I felt a sense of belonging, I also feel my p2p warring has improved.


Fatality is one of the oldest pure clans, the leadership is really dedicated, and this can be seen as Fi has stayed open despite being hit pretty hard by slumps. Although they are not as great as they used to be, Fatality is still able to compete on both servers, and I believe they will continue to improve throughout 2011. Oh yeah, the reason I'm in the pure community today is because of the Project Fatality video, so thanks for that :)

~ Proud Council of NME

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CP has probably one of the most relaxed communities, despite being an HPC and having had a significant amount of members throughout the year. I think F2p is where we stand tall, and we are always looking to improve ourselves in anything else that we wish to try.


I think Negative is one of those lower leveled clans that has a bunch of potential. Their leaders seem to know what their doing and from what I've heard the guys really enjoy the community there. Negatives always looking for a mini against higher leveled competition which I respect since thats the only way to get better. Keep it up


Corrupt Pures CrownLeader.gif[supreme Elder]
Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com
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N - Mature leadership, no super egos, limmited kids, capable warrers, genuinely a nice bunch of people to socialise with, no drama


CP - Plenty of haters but have got on with things for years now and done as a clan should, tis why they are still alive to this day. Maintained a high standard of F2P for too long.



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Resurgence, started with what only 6 people very small community and has grown. We've been the underdogs, been out leveled and out number before but we always somehow pull through. Still growing with a lot of new PK'ers introduced to the pure clanning world. Were chill and just love to go pk and own :)



Malice, they got a wide range of members with different timezones and still manage to have a great time. Awesome and warm community. Experienced staff and know what their doing and contribute what they can.


Negative, another underdog clan with a relaxed community and fights the bigger clans. Great members and staff there. Been watching them and they been mainly F2P but now mainly both P2P and F2P.

PM if you need assistance.

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A nearly 6 year clan, still going strong. Lot's of haters, but most of the time it's just bad trolls.Being led by one of the best f2p warers is also great :P



Haven't heard of them until looking at you sig, but it loots like from what you posted you guys are a chill and laid back community that don't flame each other and have perseverance.

Plnkaroundme | Proud Ex-Corrupt Pures General | Ex-Warring God
I Don't Scape Anymore
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TR chill community, 90% are maxed, some of the highest pure clan averages. We have fun.






whenever we meet in single you attack us thinking were eop


We share the same mass world

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Interitus - We started out with 5 staff members who grew up clanning together. It's basically a reunion. We all know what we're looking for in a clan and we all have the same goal in mind; to have fun and be the best we can be. I don't plan on being the #1 clan, but I do plan to never stop growing and to become the best we can be. Interitus made this game fun again, I haven't had this much fun in about 2 years. We have a very laid back, tight-knit, very friendly community. We have been growing incredibly lately, and I don't plan on stopping. I can't wait to see how far we go, no matter what it will be worth it. I'm just in it for the fun, minus the drama/flaming ****. Oh, and we only accept 13- Defence (and that's with rune gloves.) That's what I love about Interitus.


Tribulation - You guys seem like a pretty chill clan. I don't know much about you, or have heard much about you. But from what I see from you guys on PW you seem pretty pro at p2p, also you have pro levels.

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I'll be blunt, I don't actually know many people in Malice apart from my supporting staff members. In Malice version uno I never actually spoke to anybody par Peter & Scribbbs. I crave isolation and that is what I love. In Malice I have the capacity to work behind the scenes and not bare the burden of a frontline job (despite being the leader). Isolation over everything.

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I'll be blunt, I don't actually know many people in Malice apart from my supporting staff members. In Malice version uno I never actually spoke to anybody par Peter & Scribbbs. I crave isolation and that is what I love. In Malice I have the capacity to work behind the scenes and not bare the burden of a frontline job (despite being the leader). Isolation over everything.



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Audacity - Chill community, don't pull much, don't care. We have fun in what ever we do, wether it be a miniwar, or a pk trip. It's fun, we have good times on TS and have fun on our forums. That is all.

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Audacity - Sticks to ideals rather then forgo it for sold out success.

Malice - Australian madness.

Proud Founder of Carpediem
Proud Founder of Hysteria
Proud Leader of Malice
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TLP (I guess? Even though he didn't post anything) - BIG ALEX 67! and you guys have always been cool to hang around. Always enjoyed your community.

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was a great topic until some retards ruined it.


Intense Redemption- My home. I loved IR due to our tight nit community. IR always had a controling hand in the med scene and I loved it. IR has always been known to have an array of fun rivalries whether it be with Epidemic/carnage/Devastation/Chaotic/Crimson Project to name a few. In general, IR's community is second to none and I JUST LOVE ZO.

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zenith had the best community known to this **** game everyone knew everyone and most got along and always joked around even on trips, from h0w3 being on vent drunk and jm trolling him, to josh ruining ryan's speech that clan was the most fun i've had in this game and i can say that 100% of those people from that clan's ending time were my friends.

Stop it! Stop it! Can't you see you're tearing us apart!?!?

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Control has a wide spread community from all over the world, no matter what race we all work together to keep our clan at it's best. our ventrilo is always active and theres tons of events going on daily. Our staff are really dedicated aswell experienced and they prove everyday a great example of team work. Aswell our members getting us to achieving as much as we have in these 5 months.


Zenith, the members we're pretty cool but i had no respect for there rank's.


Our fight was epic.

Control #1 Med

Accepted To Control 12/10/10
Promoted to Officer Of Control 12/28/10
Promoted to Warlord Of Control 5/1/2011

Founder of Hate - 2k14

Leader of Trauma - 2k14


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I love Malice. It became my new home after Carpediem as most of the Cr cool cats joined M and later on I met more awesome people. Malice has good reputation around pw and I love our community. It isn't that easy to find a good community for a girl when all clans are filled with guys. 'Make me a sandwich' -jokes are lame. Malice is a good place for a girl, just like Carpediem used to be, and I highly value this point.


I gotta say, impressive work Control. I thought for a long time that you are just a bunch of low level kids trying to be almighty n cocky. You have worked hard, nice 90+ ml! Looking forward to see more of your progress, bigger ml and great fights. You came outta nowhere but here you are now. Be proud.




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